The Tompkins Group is a full service design company specializing in residential, hospitality and commercial interiors. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, our clients span from coast to coast and we are available to service them wherever their needs may be.


Our philosophy at The Tompkins Group is simple. Make things beautiful, comfortable and attainable. More than ever, it’s important to love the space you live and work in. It is our goal to blend items from many price points in a way that results in an amazing finished product.


We strive to listen to each client and understand their needs, allowing for a result that exceeds their expectations. We strongly believe that a unique design can be found for anyone that has a need to improve their surroundings, at any level.

  • The Golf Course Contemporary
  • The Desert Estate
  • Lake House
  • The Transitional Home
  • Highlighted Projects
  • 35 Steaks + Martinis Hard Rock Hotel
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